1) Repeated behaviour (including rudeness, insults and spam) that is detrimental to the community, including the staff, will not be tolerated. We will warn you if we deem your behaviour problematic. We also might plot in secret against you.

2) DO NOT be racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic (DO NOT use any derogatory language). Memes and "jokes" are NOT an exception! Unless you're actually a jerk, then please feel free. (so we can ban you early)

3) No porn or other NSFW content. This includes the #music-theory channel. This is a server-wide rule. No exceptions, except for cute clothed guys on the beach.

4) No advertising without seeking permission from any @Staff . All labels wishing to solicit user submissions will first be vetted. We want to keep you safe! *Please always feel free to ask @Staff for guidance should you receive an offer that you are not sure is legit. All vetted company reps will be tagged as Verified-Industry. ALL OTHERS WILL BE BURNED AT THE STAKE.

5) If you’ve posted a track in #feedback-trade or #tracks, shared something in #sample-sharing, or asked a question in #production-general you may notify users of it in #offtopic-general. Please, only do it once. Twice if no one has checked it after some time. See rule #1 Also see Rules 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. Thanks.

6) No harassment of our Verified users (i.e. tagging them constantly, DMing them to listen to your tune). Harassing Mods is usually OK.

7) Suggesting suicide, even as a joke, is completely unacceptable.

8) Unfortunately, no political discussion allowed in this server. We’re all depressed humans that love making music. The end.

9) Drugs and Sex Policy: Academic and non-graphic discussion is allowed, within reason. @Staff members will tell you to stop a conversation at their discretion if it seems to be going too far. Usually Tainmere. Remember we are an all ages, public server that's invite only.

10) Piracy discussion of any kind is NOT ALLOWED, except actual piracy on the seas. That's OK.

11) No advertising other Discords without explicit permission from a staff members. No advertising personal Discords at all. So that means don't advertise in general, but we chose to say it in too many words.


13) Bee is not joking, maybe.