An Electronic Production Community For ALL

We’ve organised a summer packed full of Q&As! Check them out below, and join us by clicking here.

Our Summer Q&A Lineup.

We are artists of many ages, genders, races, abilities, and musical styles from around the world with one thing in common – we all love producing electronic music!

Starting as the companion to the Official /r/edmproduction Subreddit, this server has grown into its own lively collective. Whether you’re looking to learn music theory, watch someone stream, get feedback on your new track, or discuss cover art ideas for your new single, we are open 24/7.

Our Admin, Mod and Helper team make up a diverse array of skills from Modular Synth building to Vinyl Sampling to Classical Training, and we’re all in different time zones!  We have also given out love life advice, dinner recipes, talked openly about the human condition – from depression to writer’s block – and just plain laughed for hours.  So come in and hang out with us!